Janet (j4) wrote,

Hello Cambridge

I'll be in Cambridge next Saturday (5th June) for a party, & if possible I'd like to make a long weekend of it, i.e. come over on the morning of Friday 4th (or maybe even Thursday night -- hey, does the Carlton still happen on Thursdays?) and stay till Sunday afternoon.

So, with apologies for doing this as a big impersonal request, does anybody:

a) know of a cheap B&B on the north-ish side of Cambridge, or
b) have a spare bed for some/any/all of Thurs/Fri/Sat nights?

(addedentry will be joining me on the Saturday, so we will both need somewhere to stay on the Saturday night.)

I haven't been to Cambridge for far too long. Will be trying to meet up with literally everybody[*] (including several people who aren't on LJ, people I used to work with, & people I haven't spoken to for over a year). I can't see how this can possibly turn into a complete (dis)organisational nightmare where I end up running round like a mad badger & still managing to upset people by not seeing them all, no no, not at all. :-}

[*] OK, pedants, not literally literally everybody.
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