Janet (j4) wrote,

Missing links

Oh, and yes, I did totally miss a day of NaBloPoMo on Thursday. I was at work all day, then volunteering at Oxfam till 8:15pm, came home, made dinner, went out to a work social thing at the pub round the corner, got home at about 11:45, spent about 10 minutes staring exhaustedly at the screen before realising that I literally didn't have any words or energy left and certainly couldn't post anything worth posting before midnight, and if I'd effectively already missed the arbitrary deadline then I might as well not miss out on sleep as well. I am definitely running out of steam. And now here I am missing out on even more sleep through trying to justify briefly prioritising sleep over arbitrary deadlines. For heaven's sake. Time for bed.
Tags: blogging about blogging, guilt, nablopomo

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