Janet (j4) wrote,

Tweet harmony

  • 10:05 Yammer will suddenly become a whole lot more usable (not necessarily *useful*!) if I can update it from Twitter... #yam #
  • 10:45 Lazily cloning web pages to show different CSS comes back to bite me: conflicting edits, confusion, doom. :-( #yam #
  • 17:13 @jpstacey: we bought a Henry vacuum cleaner (with low-energy setting for normal use) after lots of recommendations... #
  • 17:20 @jpstacey: also, if you want to try our Henry out, you're welcome (on our carpet, of course, ha ha - no, only joking). #
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ETA: I did tell LoudTwitter not to include @replies, but it looks like that didn't work (maybe I didn't save settings or something... trying again).
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