Janet (j4) wrote,

Traces of nuts

Saw the doctor and he was slightly more helpful than they usually are. He agreed that while stress is probably making things worse, being uncomfortable and in pain tends to make people stressed, so let's try to fix the problem or at least the symptoms.

Booked in for blood tests next week, but in the meantime he wants me to cut the following things out of my diet for two weeks:

* dairy produce
* tea & coffee
* alcohol
* citrus fruits (LJ icons don't count)
* under-ripe fruit (do people eat this for fun?)
* nuts (see? but at least he didn't say I was going nuts)
* chocolate
* re-heated food e.g. dried pasta (?)
* toast
* ready-meals
* food colourings and additives
* fun

Okay, I added the last one of those myself.

He also suggests eating porridge made with oats and bran for breakfast instead of my usual, apparently risible fare. ("What do you have for breakfast?" "Uh, yoghurt." "Yoghurt? Just yoghurt?") More fibre, basically. Porridge is nice (he didn't say I couldn't put honey on it ... or bacon for that matter), but it does mean getting up earlier.

If cutting out all the above helps, then I can reintroduce things one at a time; if it doesn't help, he says it might be worth trying cutting wheat out for 2 weeks. Of course if the blood tests say I've actually got Swine Flu the galloping lurgy something identifiable that's nothing to do with diet, than I can go back to eating whatever I like, hopefully.

I wouldn't mind so much but addedentry basically lives on pasta, bread, and cheese (and chocolate!) so if I have to cut any of these things out long-term then we're basically going to be eating separate meals for the rest of our lives. :-(

Anyway, at least it's something concrete to try, which is better than sitting on my arse feeling sorry for myself. We'll see what happens.
Tags: food, illness, traces of nuts
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