Janet (j4) wrote,

Books on needlepoint, knitting, etc FTAGH

I know that quite a lot of people who sew/knit/etc read this, so before I give all these to the nearest charity shop, does anybody want any of the following:

  • Florentine Embroidery
  • Bargello Basics
  • Learn Tapestry
  • Crochet made easy
  • 32 Embroidery Stitches

Large-ish books:
  • Richard & Elizabeth Adler, Needlepoint: a new look (028398936X)
  • Kaffe Fassett, Glorious Needlepoint (0712630414)
  • Anna Pearson, Needlepoint Stitch by Stitch (0345340558)
  • Amy Carroll (ed.), The Sweater Book (086318006X)
  • Stephen Sheard, The Rowan/Brother Designer Machine Knitting Book (0712622411)
  • Melinda Coss & Debby Robinson, Knitting With Cotton (0283996137)

  • 7 issues of Textiles Suisses from the 1990s
  • A knitting book/magazine in Japanese (photo here)

I'm happy to send the pamphlets for free; I wouldn't mind a contribution to postage for the bigger books and magazines 'cause they're quite heavy (or of course if you're in Oxford, or know someone who is & can pick them up for you, then that's even better).

Anything unclaimed by next weekend will get taken to the Sobell House charity shop round the corner.
Tags: books, free stuff, knitting, unclutter_2009, unravelling

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