Janet (j4) wrote,

a lemming sentry, my dear Watson

This ticky-boxey-bloody-self-evaluation-moo DOES MY HEAD IN. I don't know why I'm answering it.

Have you...
01. Fallen for your best friend? Yes
02. Made out with JUST a friend? Quack quack genre MOO!
03. Been rejected? Yes.
04. Been in love? Yes.
05. Been in lust? Yes.
06. Used someone? Probably.
07. Been used? Yes. With and without consent.
08. Cheated on someone? Yes.
09. Been cheated on? Yes.
10. Done something you regret? Yes.

Who was the last person...
11. You hugged? sion_a
12. You kissed? ditto
13. You talked to? ditto
14. that instant messaged you? Huh? Last person who texted me was sion_a.
15. You had lunch with? sion_a, lnr, ewx, meirion and lots of people I didn't know from Engineering, at b33rfest today.
16. Who broke your heart? Probably scat0324.

Do you...
17. Color your hair? Yes, with henna.
18. Have tattoos? Not yet.
19. Have Piercings? Yes (only ears though).
20. Floss daily? Ow. No. Cuts my gums.
21. Own a web cam? No.
22. Ever get off the damn computer? Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question... 8-)
23. Habla espanol? Que?

Have you/do you /do you have...
24. Considered a life of crime? Only genteel crime. I want to be the female equivalent of The Saint.
25. Considered being a hooker? Every time I've run out of money I've considered it. Usually though I just stick to trading minor sexual favours for drinks/dinner/network cable/whatever.
26. Are you psycho? What a fucking stupid question. I'm not psychotic, no, but hey! if I'm ever seriously worried about my mental health, LiveJournal will be my first port of call.
27. split personalities? The idea of a single unified personality is a bit of a fallacy in the first place.
28. Obsessive? Occasionally. But only usually in a sort of drawing-hearts-in-the-margin kind of way.
29. Obsessive compulsive? Sometimes, about symmetry and stuff.
30. Panic? Have had panic attacks in the past. Not recently though.
31. Depressed? <shrug>
32. Suicidal? Wishing you'd never been born is not the same as wanting to die.
33. Dream of doing things instead of just seeing them? Unless I s/seeing/doing, this doesn't make any sense. With the obvious sense-making substitution, yes, all the time. You have to have dreams.
34. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Somewhere a long, long way away. Mexico, maybe.
35. What would you be doing? Something else.
36. What are you listening to? Bob Dylan, "Street Legal"
37. Can you do anything freakish with your body? I tend to let other people do that. Er... I can do weird rolling/crossing things with my eyes.
38. Chicken or fish? Yes please.

[do the numbers just run out here for no apparent reason, or what? I can't be bothered to put them all back in.]

Current Clothes: Black fake moleskin trousers, paler black silk shirt, just taken off black velvet waistcoat because I was too hot. Black underwear which isn't interesting enough to describe.
Current Mood: Somewhere between tired and irritated, but feeling like I should be happy and relaxed ... ends up feeling empty.
Current Music: We've done this, haven't we? It's still Bob Dylan.
Current Taste: Huh?
Current Hair: Long, straight. The "little black dress" of haircuts -- never goes out of style.
Current Annoyance: Myself. "Creativity." Crap waiters/waitresses. Tiny font sizes. Rain. God, EVERYTHING.
Current Smell: Terrible. Sorry, what? Er... oh, whatever.
Current Favorite Celebrity: What-fucking-EVER. How about Judy Garland? My role model -- short, gorgeous, and dead.

Food - STEAK.
Drink - depends on my mood.
Color - haven't we done this too? Or was that another 9-million-questions thing? Er... black. Purple. Whatever.
Shoes - probably my New Rocks at the moment, but the other 40-odd pairs will start getting jealous soon.
Movie - it's a close-run thing between [hang on, we've done this one too, haven't we?] The Matrix and The Sound of Music.
Vegetable - avocado. Or is that a fruit? (MOO!) Potato, then, because it's so versatile.
Fruit - strawberries, probably.

Understanding - Not as much as I'd like to be.
Arrogant - only when drunk.
Insecure - always.
Interesting - Zzzz. Sorry, what?
Friendly - yeah, like a small irritating puppy.
Smart - no, scruffy.
Moody - oh, guess.
Childish - too much so.
Independent - nowhere near enough.
Emotionally Stable - only in the microcosm.
Shy - Not really.
Attractive - Nope.
Bored Easily - Yes.
Responsible - For what? I wasn't there! I didn't touch it! It was like that before, honest.
Sad - yes.
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