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Oxbridge too far (continued) - shadows of echoes of memories of songs — LiveJournal
Oxbridge too far (continued)
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lnr From: lnr Date: November 16th, 2008 11:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ha, I may well have been one of the people in the college bar shouting at the quiz machine: though we were all better at the science questions. That or playing darts very badly for the second team :-). I think the lads I used to hang out with there were the only really big tie I had with college: rather than with other random bunches of people from all over the place. At least after my first year anyway. Oh, that and the computer room. *ahem*

I'd totally forgotten about the noticeboard aspect of interviews though. I do remember the sitting around in the common room though, reading the papers and trying desperately to feel more confident than I was. And not feel completely *dorky* in my interview outfit.

Hertford (oddly enough) was actually my best interview. Christchurch was scary and I felt completely alone as the students there had just told me where to go and left me sitting there on a hard chair outside a room with no-one else around. And I completely messed up at Wadham: they had a very friendly bunch of students greeting people and showing them around and someone outside had told me the answer to one of the questions they like to ask, and when they did go and ask it I should have just confessed, rather than coming out with the answer and having no idea at all as to why that was the case. I think this may be the first time I've owned up to that. I guess I was just too scared to admit I didn't know something.
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