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As I twittered yesterday, there's now an LJ app for the iPhone. This test of its capabilities doesn't count towards the post-a-day, but may make it easier to keep up while I'm away at a conference next week.

Okay, it lets (not "let's"! Stop autofailing my apostrophes, goddamnit!) you put in cut-tags, but it doesn't seem to let you delete them. You can add LJ-user tags, as I'm just demonstrating to addedentry. Bold, italic and strikethru are all easy. So are links, though you have to type the URL because there's no cut-and-paste / paste-from-bookmarks / etc., and when you hit the link button a second time to add the "</a>" the cursor jumps down two lines.

You can even add a photo:

Though it doesn't paste it where the cursor was, and after pasting the photo in, the ribbon of buttons for styles and special tags disappears altogether!

In summary: quite usable, a bit buggy, but since it's free and this is only the first release I will persevere with it and see how it develops.

PS: I should point out that this is the first LJ client I've tried at all. I did look (back in the early days) to see if there was a command-line LJ client, and there wasn't, so I stuck with the web interface. 8-)

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