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ceci n'est pas un meme

Antimeme from kaet's journal. Not sure if I should be propagating this any further but I liked it. I hope I'm not spoiling it by answering it...

1. What kind of rat?
Dead unjugged rabbit-fish.

2. Are you listing (without drugs!)?
Like an attic.

3. Is your favourite fear another lj user?

4. How many is enough for you?

5. Describe a guarantee.
It is tightly fastened and many-layered. It has a safe side, like a mirror.

6. Do you know how to?
Probably not.

7. Was there ever a cat so clever?
... as Magical Mr Mistoffeles!

8. Do you ever colour?

9. Is the last person crushed?

10. Would you rather be?
That is, as they say, the question.

11. Have you ever swum in a gemstone?
Lac Leman in spring looks like an opal set in crystal, but I've only ever swum in it in the summer.

12. Have you ever met yourself in person or on the telephone?

13. On average how many hours? How many times?
"Too many tears, too many times, too many years I've cried for you"

14. Is 'Have You Ever' a great fear for you?
I have never feared "I have never".

15. In your body is there a receptacle, like a stew pot, like a warmed tea-pot, empty but with warmth, of a size that it can be grasped in two hands and keep you warm and you feel like it's a gift, but it's also poison, ein Gift, because it looks like it's full of daisies and meadow flowers, like at the start of /Tess/, but actually it's ragwort and Jimsonweed and Water Hemlock and it stinks and it's putrifying and killing and it's a failure that your parents wouldn't have made, it's picking the wrong kind of mushrooms and spreading some kind of fire on your breath like a dragon killing whenever it opens its mouth even to speak sweetly because of the cess inside. And you wish you were the doctor, could cut it out with knives and incision and pain, but you're the doctor's son and only making incisions till the doctor comes? Or else let it completely consume like pyre but made from poison and mortality?
Yes. Dear god, yes.

16. Are the lines which are coming like cracks in the marble, a kind of disintigration like a statue about to collapse in a heap, a spreading discontinuity, and the white hair a thread from your winding sheet?

The Lost

Running back towards the edge, you turned
and cast a furious glance towards me. How dare
you, it said, try to save me?

A hissing flick of your hair
and you slide away from me.
But there is a fluttering beneath your face
of wings; there is
a rustling of breath and a crying
of birth.

Last night I dreamed about your face,
a thin crack spreading across marble skin
and splintering on to the floor, your eyes
shedding their skin.

Your hands were burning as they touched mine,
fingerprinting flames reflected in your eyes
as they rolled in their holes like beads on the floor,
like fire through a glass,

Follow me, I said. Follow me.
you fell
and broke into a thousand shards of darkness.

I am still holding the face beneath.
Find me, it says. Find me.

17. Shall she go to the ball?
She has to, because she knows that if she doesn't, it will be the best party in the world, the one she wouldn't be able to bear having missed. So she goes every time, and every time she comes back with nothing but blisters and broken promises.

18. If the cap fits, does the slipper?
The slipper isn't supposed to fit. You're supposed to cut your foot to fit it. The cap, on the other hand... wait. The cap on the other hand? No wonder it doesn't fit.

19. riverrun?
A way a lone a last a loved a long the

20. poison or knife?

21. If you could, would you?

22. Have you ever had to?
Not yet.

23. Are you a god?
"Ray, when someone asks you 'are you a god', you say YES!"

24. Is it abdication?
Not if the throne consents to be left.

25. Is it the falling of the steam-hammer or the inevitability of its rerise?
Are these things different?

26. Was your first real?
I don't remember my first.

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