Janet (j4) wrote,

Built to Glasto

It's nearly time for Glastonbury. My mum and I will be leaving on Thursday morning; we'll be camping next to brrm's camper van if he doesn't mind :-) and there seems to be some kind of nebulous plan to be at the Jazz World Perry Bar from 4pm onwards.

I will have my mobile phone, and two batteries for it, so I should be able to keep twittering and flickring throughout even better than last time. I could join in with the semi-official moblogging thing but I'm kind of confused by the whole thing, to be honest. Anyway, here's my twitter/flickr page, if you want to follow the muddy adventures of one small badger.

Also, if you're going to Glasto and want to play phone tag with me try to meet up, and you don't already have my mobile number (hint: it's on my facebook, and I haven't changed it since about 1998) then comment here or email me or something.

Also also, I have new Wellies Ov Joy this year, because (as a result of all the running) the old ones no longer go over my calves! Oh noes!

Now I just need to dig out my faithful umbrella hat and I'll be nearly ready.
Tags: glastonbury

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