Janet (j4) wrote,

Beer thirty

addedentry and I are having a birthday party at our place on Saturday May 10th. (That's not next Saturday but the one after.) I will be 30, he won't be (any more).

When: Tea/cake/faff from 3pm, proper party from party o'clock.
Where: HERE. If you don't have our address and/or you want directions, email/comment.
RSVP: would be helpful so we know vaguely how many people we're expecting.
Partners/children/friends: welcome, unless they are likely to start arguments or try to molest my badgers.
Pets: just not practical, sorry. Unless you have some very very tiny kittens.
Drinks: there will be some (including weird shit from the depths of the booze-cabinet), but more is always welcome! :-)
Eats: there will be nibbles and (if I have time to bake it) cake, and there are various vendors of munchies within spitting distance.
Spitting: not allowed, especially at our local munchies-vendors.
Smoking: also not allowed! Not even on the balcony (my birthday, my rules).
Badgers: positively encouraged (they don't count as pets).

Any other questions that I've failed to pre-empt, please ask!

And sorry for rather short notice -- lots of indecision and disorganisation round here at the moment...

ETA: and if you have suggestions for things I should do before I'm 30, feel free to post 'em here, bearing in mind I only have a week and I'll be at work for most of it...
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