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A rather sweet spammer writes: "Your site has very much liked me. I shall necessarily tell about him to the friends."

Nothing on the internet has very much liked me, unfortunately: I hard-rebooted the Airport Express (in order to reset the password (in order to reconfigure it to limit connections to specific MAC addresses (in the hope that it might then be faster because nobody e.g. from next door could sneakily steal our bandwidth))) and it stopped working. Does anybody have a spare Airport to save me from the sharks?

When I say "stopped working", I mean: computer can talk to Airport (and reconfigure it, reboot it, etc.); router is definitely talking to the internet (wired connection direct from router to computer works fine); Airport shows green light and claims it is talking to the internet, but connection from computers to Airport to internet does not happen. I have switched it off and switched it back on again for every possible value of "it" and every possible permutation of the order of switching-on-and-off. I have spent two hours exhaustively comparing my configuration with that of someone who has exactly the same kit/setup, and there is no difference. I have therefore come to the conclusion that something is Actually Broken, though I'm not sure how I have managed to break it by doing exactly what they tell you to do if you want to reset the password.

Earlier this year I also broke the Playstation 2, by switching it on, thereby not only stopping us having that particular shade of fun but also preventing Owen from learning to sing. Bad girlfriend. I then tried to buy a replacement on eBay, but it never turned up (though I did finally get a refund).

If I had the same effect on cattle that I seem to have on consumer electronics, I'd have been burned as a witch by now.

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