Janet (j4) wrote,

I see tickets...

Or not.

I did actually see the "book now" link! But when I followed it, it went back to the "EPIC FAIL" page. The one where the seetickets homepage doesn't explain to anybody who might not be interested in Glastonbury tickets

Good luck to anybody else who's trying to get through...


ETA: I have bought tickets for me and my mum. Now trying to use the spare booking windows I had open for other people!

ETA: Okay, look, I can fairly reliably get a booking window up, but when you hit submit (with reg no, or even with cc details etc) it can still bounce you back to the 'busy' screen, leaving you with no idea whether you've submitted anything. FAIL FAIL FAIL. I am very reluctant to take responsibility for other people's bookings when it is this flaky, after possibly screwing up mpinna's. But if you want me to try, let me know....

ETA I am not trying again for anybody because it is ALL THE FAIL. It should not be able to reset the connection while submitting your credit card details, and if it does, then it should be bloody clear on whether or not this means your booking has gone through. As it is, the registration numbers all come up as "already used" but there's no indication that the payment has been accepted. ARGH.
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