Janet (j4) wrote,

How did I get here?

Where is your cell phone?
In my other coat pocket, and unless I remember tomorrow that I changed coats this evening (so I didn't have to go to the Co-op with my hi-vis on and blah blah blah) I'll forget to take it to work.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend?
On the other side of the room, putting the Broken Family Band on the stereo. Sorry, was that a 'where' or a 'who' question?

Your hair?
On my head. Has not been cut since the last millennium.

Your favourite drink?
The one my boyfriend (see above re boyfriend) is about to make me, hopefully gin since I just bought a lemon (see above re Co-op).

Your dream car?
Powered by stupidity.

Your fears?
That the biscuits in the oven will burn. That the planet is doomed. And various minor fears inbetween. None of which compare to the three-in-the-morning fear that I will die and never find out how the story ends, which is scariest of all because it's completely inevitable.

Your computer?
Home: shiny Mac powerbook. Work: shiny Ubuntu desktop PC. Both: full of virtual clutter.

Your life?
Unlikely to be long enough to read all the books I want to read.

Your mood?

Your car?
In Cambridge.

Your work?
I have this much fun and they pay me as well?

Your summer?
I am hoping to have one this year.

Your relationship status?
Happily engaged to addedentry.

Your favourite colour(s)?
I am learning to wear brown, and to wear colours-which-are-not-black with other colours-which-are-not-black, which is probably the closest I've come so far to dressing like a grown-up. Sadly I have managed this just at the point when fashion has regressed to the worst excesses of 80s big-print angry-fruit-salad hell.

Your best friends?
Make me very happy.

Your favourite thing to do?
Depends. Soaking in a hot bath with a cup of coffee and a book; having sex on Sunday morning & not getting out of bed till 2pm and then slouching around eating anchovy toast and reading LiveJournal; eating a whole avocado in two halves with a spoonful of muscovado sugar in the holes where the stone was; reading an entire novel in one sitting; singing in close harmony with cute people; jointly hacking a bit of code with somebody cool (stealing it out from under their feet and shouting KAPOW! when you beat them to the solution) and making it actually work; dancing to nindie disco till the middle of the night and being the first person on to the dancefloor for 'Debaser'. At the moment though curling up on the sofa with addedentry and gin and laptops is pretty damn fine.

Where is your father?
Leicestershire. Probably at home working on his next radio show.

Depends which kind. Actually, no, either way, yes please.

Your dream last night?
Something confusing about Perl hashrefs. I was trying to carry them from one room to the other without dropping them, only the room was very shiny. YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP.

The room you're in?
Our ace living room with BOOKS and CDs and a PIANO and a fireplace (okay fake gas fire but still) and huge French window currently covered with the most outrageously 1970s curtains I've ever owned (big thick soft curtains with enormous glowy burnt-orange fleur-de-lys on olive-green satiny stuff). It's a big warm messy room full of stuff and things and cushions and nonsense. And badgers.

George W. Bush?
Not if you paid me.

Nipple rings?
On men: kind of sexy, sometimes. On me: no thanks, nipples work just fine without.

Who did you hang out with last night?
addedentry. We went to the pub and talked about stuff other than work for a change.

What you're not good at?
Golf. Going to sleep before midnight. Refraining from wishing for the impossible. Sewing. Filling in forms. Making rice that doesn't stick to the pan. Replying to email.

One of your wish list items?
Material thing: a really big casserole pan. Otherwise: more sleep without wasting more time.

Where did you grow up?
That's begging the question, innit.

The last thing you did?
Wondered how to answer this question. (Yawn.)

What are you wearing?
Black trousers, purple woolly tunic-dress-top-thing, black knee-socks, black knickers (all from M&S); Shock Absorber sports bra; black ankle-boots (Clarks); purple foil/glass heart-shaped dangly earrings, purple stud earrings; engagement ring. Did I miss anything? Oh, purple hairtie, black hairtie, black scrunchie. And my glasses. I also have 7 different memos written on my hand, and some fairly vicious bramble-scratches on the back of my legs.

Tattoo on the lower back?
Apparently the kids call them "tramp stamps".

What, on the lower back? No thanks. I note for information that the Co-op's own-brand ketchup actually tastes of tomato (and cinnamon).

What are you thinking about right now?

Last time you laughed?
When I realised the answer to the previous question HAR HAR HAR.

Last time you cried?
Well my eyes were streaming and I felt like crying at the end of yesterday's 4-mile run. If that doesn't count, um... dunno.

High school?
Was full of gurls, cost my parents thousands of pounds, taught me lots of things, and for some reason persists in sending me PDFs about who climbed Everest in a skirt-suit this year while giving birth to identical-twin Olympic gymnasts, perhaps under the mistaken impression that I give a damn.

This quiz?
Barely deserves to be dignified with the name.

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