Janet (j4) wrote,


Four letters signed and sealed and ready to be posted:

• to A-Plan, saying that I'm not renewing my insurance but that I'd happily recommend them to anybody who wanted car insurance (consider it done!)

• to the DVLA, containing my logbook

• to a different tentacle arm of the DVLA, applying for three months' refund on my tax disc (amazingly, you can print out the form yourself)

• to Vale of the White Horse District Council, returning my parking permit and asking them to reconsider their car-registration-limited-permit policy to allow car-sharers and occasional car-hirers to use the parking space to which car ownership would entitle them.

The car has gone to a better place (that is, a better place than the previous one) and we have FINALLY joined the ranks of the car-free*.

That's a) an annual saving of approximately £550, not counting petrol or the (increasingly crippling) cost of getting the damn things fixed all the time; b) a win on the carbon footprint front (less temptation to drive, not that I have really had any for about 2 years, & if I do drive a hire-car it'll undoubtedly be more efficient than the old bangers I have been driving), and c) a great weight off my mind.

* not counting pto452

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