Janet (j4) wrote,

Putting 'a man' back into 'amanuensis'

[This is an experiment in blogging techniques. - Ed.]

Um... so what are we going to do? You're not typing that in, are you? You meanie!


*heh, heh*

Yes. Okay, um, as most of you know I tend to end up doing lots of different things at once a lot of the time. Um. Owen will tell you that I've got fifty or sixty tabs open in Firefox at any one time and I'm switching between screens every couple of seconds.

I committed to doing this blog post a day at the beginning of November and you might not think there are many things you can do at the same time as blogging but fortunately my amanuensis -- or maybe it should be awomanuensis -- can type for me while I'm doing other things, which I probably shouldn't write about on this blog, because it might spoil the surprise for someone who's unlikely to be reading this but it's possible.

Ironically for someone who talks so much I'm not very good at speaking off the cuff.

This really isn't going to work.

Um, is this thing still switched on?

Are you putting that bit in? You've got to put your own things in. Not fair otherwise. I really don't know what to say now.

It keeps doing that. Don't know why. Can't do a 'B'. Don't put that in, it won't mean anything out of context.

I think this is a failed experiment, actually, dude.

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