Janet (j4) wrote,

Done by Friday

Well, it's Friday night, so I'm ... sitting on the floor in the living room, trying to post to LiveJournal on the clunkiest keyboard I've owned since the AT died, and the slowest internet connection that I've had to contend with since my parents got broadband. (The original plan for Friday night was to go to the pub, but I wussed out because the pub in question was in Hinksey and I was feeling too dog-tired to contemplate the cycling.)

This is not going to be an exciting post. I'm just rambling to myself in order to keep my resolution to post every day.

I'm trying to do a couple of months' worth of updates on the old PC which I bought purely so that I could have an Ubuntu machine to play with at home. There's nowhere to put the PC (another argument against the TV: if we got rid of it I could fill the house with more computers... okay, maybe this is an argument for the TV) so it's taking up floorspace and there's nowhere sensible to sit at it; the keyboard is a spare (ie more or less useless) one I stole borrowed from work, and it clicks and squeaks like a hamster trapped in a typewriter; and the connection is slow because I'm hobbling my own bandwidth by trying to do two things at once as usual. This may not be the only reason: our ISP (Eclipse) is not exactly brilliant. At least I know that nobody can be stealing our wifi right now, because this PC doesn't do wireless yet, so I'm wired in and the Airport is blinking forlornly. Actually... [unplugs Airport] ... that's better.

So the plan for this evening (my exciting Friday night) was to do the necessary updates, then sort out this PC's wifi (el cheapo USB wireless adapter, which I didn't have much success with before, but was prepared to try again), then start on the slightly more interesting task of trying to make a bootable USB drive. Unfortunately the updates currently reckon they have another 8 hours or so to go at the quite nippy speed of 4kB/s; and every few minutes the speed halves and the time remaining doubles accordingly. (Maths in action, that is.) At this rate it'll be going all night no matter what.

This leaves me with a more or less internet-free Friday night. I'm not very good at using big blocks of free time, to be honest, internetted or otherwise; I'm so used to trying to use every fraction of interstitial time on something Useful or Interesting that when confronted with two hours free I'll be at a complete loss for what to do, and usually spend most of it faffing on the internet (reloading Facebook, checking email, playing Weboggle, wandering around other people's Flickr photos, etc) or, if that's not available (or I'm trying to make myself do something More Useful) faffing around the house (doing the odd desultory bit of tidying, rearranging things a bit, thinking "I really should tidy that drawer/shelf/table", making lists of things that need tidying...). I have strategies for fighting this sort of faff, I'm not really looking for GTD tips; just musing on the silliness of it, really. The way I'll try to read another 3 pages of whatever I'm reading at the time (currently: Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon) while stirring pasta or brushing my teeth, but I'll somehow manage to waste 2 hours doing nothing at all.

Ubuntu updates 12% done. I think I'm going to try to find something more Useful or Interesting to do.

Told you this one wouldn't be exciting.

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