Janet (j4) wrote,

Just another manic Monday

First day back at work since last Monday. When I was walking up to the door it felt like years since I'd been here; now it feels just like I've never been away.

Had quite a useful talk with my project manager this morning in which we outlined a lot of things for me to do in the future, some more interesting than others. Rewriting and replacing heaps of outdated documentation may not sound like much fun but actually I'm really looking forward to it -- that kind of spring-cleaning makes me feel like I've achieved something, and documentation-writing (and the HTML that will be necessary for it) will be useful for my CV. Conversely, the prospect of being asked to manage two projects which are coming up in the future may sound like a great thing, but the idea fills me with dread -- I'm no good at project management, and I don't have enough interest in it to want to learn to be good at it. I'd rather concentrate on my strengths, such as they are, and the weaknesses which I actually need to overcome.

On the positive side, though, my project manager has agreed that I can work at home from time to time if I think it would help. I don't think it's likely to be a miracle cure, but at least it would mean that I can just stop working and go and do something else when I've run out of stuff to do.


As usual I'm behind with journal entries for the weekend. On Saturday I went carol-singing with the Portfolio Singers, and we made £88.19 for Milton Children's Hospice -- not bad given that it was raining steadily for the whole hour that we were singing. Seemed a little early to be singing carols but then the Christmas decorations have been up in the shops since, oh, I dunno, about April.

Didn't do much on Sunday -- we delivered some polystyrene chips to someone at Gonville & Caius (it's a long story), went to Sainsburys, and after that I was so tired that I fell asleep in the middle of "The Life of Mammals", which rather disappointingly had no badgers in it at all.

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