Janet (j4) wrote,

Revenge of the yawn

SO UNBELIEVABLY TIRED. But how am I supposed to do all the things I want to do if I have to sleep as well? Yes, yes, I know.

Things I have done this evening:

- fiddled with Google Maps stuff for work

- phoned the Inland Revenue to ask them precisely why they think I have a 52-week NI shortfall for 2005-06 when I was working full time and PAYEing (answer: because they've "switched from paper to electronic" and as a result loads of payments are delayed, and they "couldn't stop the letters being sent out" but will be sending out more letters to apologise for the previous letters... gah)

- caught up a bit on the reading for my OU course, which I am shamefully behind on (finally had a chance to look at the forums, and found the thread where people were saying how behind they were, so have added my own drop of remorse and apology to the flood...)

- read a few more pages of 'ASH: A Secret History' by Mary Gentle, which is great so far (My boss keeps recommending good books. He is ace.)

- bought ingredients for making CAKE for team-meeting on Thursday (Last month the boss brought apple tart for the meeting. See above re ace.)

- made earrings out of Barbie shoes (no, this wasn't necessary, but it only took 10 minutes and it amused me; photos will follow if I can work out how the hell to take photos of my own ears)

- written interview questions for Wednesday's interviews. (I am on the interview panel for my replacement at $previousjob (or should that be $previousjobs[-1]?). Er, yes, I know. Argh.)

Sorry about the boring content, but I've got to keep writing something otherwise I swear I will forget how. (I wish I had the energy to write morning pages, but honestly, in the morning it's all I can do to put my shoes on the right way round. Getting more than 6 hours' sleep a night would help.)
Tags: diaryism, lists
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