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somewhat slightly dazed

Penultimate day at ProQuest. Have been frantically tidying and sorting and filing and documenting and generally downloading my brain. And have started telling more people that I'm not actually going on to shiny new job, because I just can't lie to them.

Cynical Richard was a great inspiration. He told me that he once spent 6 months busking in Chelmsford, playing Dylan songs on his guitar, to pay his way. Now all I need is to learn to play guitar... Anyway. I'm looking forward to being able to go for drinks with him without having to worry so much about professional relationship. :)

* * *

lnr and I appear to be being advertised on an honest-to-goodness pr0n site. (NOT WORK FRIENDLY) This is slightly weird. Even if you know it's going to happen, it's still weird. "Oh look, hot girl-on-girl ... wait a minute, that's us!"

* * *

Have been drinking coffee and coke all day. Overcaffeinated now. Looking forward to pub tonight, B-Movie tomorrow, possibly (hopefully!) seeing nou on Saturday. Not really feeling like karate tonight but have to go anyway really. ... Wondering if I can afford to keep doing it anyway when I have no income. :-/

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