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Food, glorious food

Went for birthday dinner on Monday night with sion_a at the Galleria. The food was lovely (and obviously the company likewise!) but it does seem that the service has gone downhill rather -- took us far too long to get seated, given menus, let alone served. Though I suppose this gave us more time to talk, so I shouldn't complain!
I had:
- duck liver, fig and pistachio terrine with lemon-dressing salad garnish
- monkfish with chilli and coriander on a bed of lemon couscous
- peach & brandy cheesecake with brandy-snap base and peach & strawberry(? I think) coulis

Then had a lovely dinner last night cooked for me by lnr. Chicken in red wine and garlic and pepper and stuff, with thinly-sliced potatoes & onions in stock-type-stuff, & carrots. (Sorry, don't know the names for food unless I see a menu!) And melon & ginger sorbet for pudding which wasn't quite frozen but still lovely. :-) Spent the evening sitting around talking, listening to music, eating chocolates and fudge, and drinking coffee... nice and relaxing. It's just a shame I was feeling too wibbly to be very lively or fun... sorry love.
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