Janet (j4) wrote,

For Bob's sake

Wow. TWENTY-FIVE messages from Crazy Bob today:

from: janet Mcknight will release the name she stole after embarrased enough <janetmcknightconfesses@bartender.net>
From: "janet Mcknight hates bob and has never met that is why she stole, she hates u 2" <janetmck@alumnidirector.com>

Subject: look at letter janet mcnight sent on internet soon
Subject: jan, Jesus tole me how 2 take u out, loose job,
Subject: do not copy on sites, u saw, fool, hated by all now hater of God
Subject: here is janetmcks new page coming up on net
Subject: here is janetmcks new page coming up on net ask stacey
Subject: type into gogle janet mcknght stole the name
Subject: ive told mr. black from flixr board with other clients
Subject: jan, its not funny now is it, how u like being embarrased
Subject: im going to make britain hate u, thief, liar, act like love
Subject: tony blair will see this, and order your site romoved
Subject: you stupid fool, u new better, make me fall, now fall in my place
Subject: visions are in reserve, Ill put back up, and have .com,
Subject: the longer u leave on, the more people find out,
Subject: the biggest fool of britain, I can take your board down now
Subject: dont think I cant, you stole, Im going to do it either way
Subject: youll loose job, black, and, wont get rehired, info on net
Subject: appologize, repent, maybe I take down, but, dont have to
Subject: now, what do u think about Jesus the one u stole from,
Subject: u new I was elijah, now, open earth and swollow
Subject: iraq ends nuclear britan usa absorbed, iran, syria, next, fool
Subject: tremble when u no your lost and screwed prophet, no mercy
Subject: your last waring was given, and u chose ruin, now reap bitch
Subject: ha hah aha, ministry of dreams caught o janet mack
Subject: janet mcknight wants prophet 2 fall and took to make but she

And he's even made me a website all of my own! Ain't that the cutest?

The real frustration is not being able to answer him. See, I'd just like to tell him one thing: IT'S SPELT "LOSE". You loose animals from a cage; you lose your job or (perhaps a more pertinent example here) your mind.
Tags: ministryofdreams
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