Janet (j4) wrote,

Oranges are not the only strategy

I bought two clementines from Sainsbury's yesterday. Ate one then, one now. Yesterday's was firm-fleshed and thick-skinned, peeling easily, tart and bright to taste, and made my hands smell of oranges for the rest of the day. Today's was soft, sweet-tasting, peeling off in tiny scrubs and patches, leaving my hands smelling bitter. Full of pips. A completely different species. I bought two bottles of coke at the same time, and they were identical. Sometimes coke does taste different from itself (and cans taste different from bottles), but not this time.

Apparently it's summer already, three weeks early. My brain seems to be estivating. Struggling to find the words for replies to comments or emails, even the simple ones, especially the simple ones.

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