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I've lost an earring. It's like this one, only lost.

They were probably my all-time favourite pair of earrings; purple (always good), made out of that paint-on latex stuff (really light, didn't lacerate my neck by bashing against it in windy weather), neat zig-zags that could look indie-ish when necessary but also quite plain and smart when worn with normal clothes. And they only cost a fiver. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the place I bought them from: it was a stall at Erotica two years ago, but apart from the earrings I can't remember if they were selling latex stuff or silly spiky jewellery or both or what. If anybody can tell me where I can buy a replacement, I'll be enormously grateful. I know there are millions of goth/fetish (punk emo alternative lolita gay rockabilly DIY BNWT L@@K!) shops that do things like this, but I've been looking around the web for ages and can't find another pair of these anywhere.

And the only reason I was in town and trying on clothes (which I think is how the earring got pulled out and lost) in the first place was that I was trying to find a smart dress for the black-tie dinner at the conference next week that I don't want to go to, which meant wasting another whole chunk of time when I should have been writing the presentation for the interview for the job which is currently the only sensible escape route I can see but which I'm increasingly convinced I stand absolutely no chance of getting, and now I not only feel too stupid to get a good job but also fat and unattractive and all the wrong shape for grown-up clothes and it's probably partly hormones (which would also explain the pre-conference outbreak of spots) but I just want to hide under a rock and cry.
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