Janet (j4) wrote,

Watch this pace

So, um, yeah. I've been quite quiet about life here lately, and my back(b)log is already overflowing. Usually it's fairly safe to assume that if I don't post anything I'm just having too much fun to blog it. Unfortunately at the moment I'm just having too much stress to blog it in any kind of interesting way. Nothing life-threatening, no cause for alarm, but lots of things piling up at once. addedentry is doing a wonderful job of keeping me sane, and the people on chiark IRC have been very patient, putting up with me squatting on the channel and doing very little except screaming in a corner like some kind of evil furby.

I'll be at our big annual conference from Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon next week, so more or less off the map (or at least under the Hammersmith flyover, which amounts to the same thing). Pretty much all the doom should have either exploded or evaporated by about April 4th, but don't be surprised if I'm in hiding until then. I'll try to update my twitter occasionally so you know I'm alive (it's like blogging without the content).

This was a public service announcement. Normal service (or what passes for it round here) will resume in a couple of weeks.
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