Janet (j4) wrote,

Gently down the screen

Today got off to a good start with the discovery that addedentry and I were one of the runners-up in the LibraryThing Book Pile Bonanza photo contest, and that the photo has been favourited on Flickr by the most famous librarian on the interwub. Squee! I have added "being a library groupie" to my LJ interests list to celebrate these little successes.

In sillier photo news, I've recently been quite disproportionately amused by cat_macros, to the extent of persuading brrm and ms_saffie to let me stick text on their cat. I don't have any of those five-foot-high freestanding letters in outlined Impact that the regular cat_macros posters seem to have, but I thought I captured the general effect... What? What? Is there an easier way to do it??

brrm and ms_saffie and their cats are lovely hosts, very generous with pasta puttanesca, port, paws and purrs (you can work out which were provided by whom!); and dinner with them was a lovely conclusion to a busy Saturday: lunch with emperor, followed by volunteering at Oxfam books with cleanskies, sea_bright, mr_snips and other people who may or may not have LJs. After all that hectic socialising we felt entirely justified in spending Sunday being lazy and decadent, eating caviar on toast and drinking TEA.

The caviar was left over from last Wednesday, which reminds me that I have been very remiss in not thanking my anonymous valentinr-senders! I have my suspicions about their identity, and may be commenting in an anonymous-comments-fest some time soon. I have been equally bad at thanking the senders of real actual paper cards: one anonymous card-sender whose writing I recognise ;-) and one signed card-sender: you know who you are, you are both very dear to me, and if I don't name you here it's not because I'm embarrassed but because I don't want to risk embarrassing you.

Strange moods at the moment; angry and hopeful and detached and passionate all at the same time. Staying afloat, positively buoyant a lot of the time but not very sure where I'm headed. Sometimes I wish I was out there saving the world, but I reckon a lot of the time I'm not doing it much harm, and maybe that sort of lack-of-evil is a kind of good (maybe all that is required for good to triumph is for people to do no harm). Other times, I wonder if we're all just shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic. Me, I'm going to be tap-dancing on the deck of the Titanic: if we're all going down anyway, I'm damn well going to make somebody smile as we go.
Tags: diaryism, melancholy

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