Janet (j4) wrote,

This is a warming

Happy New Year!

Advance warning: addedentry and I will be having a housewarming party on 27th January. He's already posted about this. Further details to follow, but one of my New Year's Resolutions (also to follow) is to stop bottlenecking all my potential LiveJournal posts on "oh but I've got to post X first" where X is something I don't have the time, tuits, necessary information, uploaded images, etc. to manage at the moment.

Another thing that causes posting logjam is a recurring worry along the lines of "oh but I shouldn't post when I haven't replied to X's email yet because it looks like I'm online but ignoring them." So: I owe lots of you emails, and I apologise for being slow to communicate, but I'm really not ignoring you!

Phew. Now to go and assemble a wardrobe.

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