Janet (j4) wrote,

The 'B' word

(Surprisingly, for once, I don't mean "badgers".)

Does anybody have any favourite examples of good corporate blogging? I'm thinking of official blogs for companies/organisations/institutions (anything HE/FE-related would be particularly useful, but commercial stuff is fine too) rather than individuals blogging about their employers (with or without said employers' blessing). By "good" I guess I mean frequently updated, relevant, and (if this isn't asking too much) interesting. I know about blogs.warwick.ac.uk (though AFAICT that's more about individual blogging than an official corporate voice), and a google trawl netted me OUP's blog, but I'm particularly keen to get actual recommendations from actual readers. After all, even a frequently updated, relevant and interesting blog isn't much use if nobody's reading it!
Tags: work

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