Janet (j4) wrote,

Time flu

Och, I know you weren't worried really (though thank you to brrm for txting to see why I hadn't been on irc!), but in case anybody wondered why I've been completely silent on the internets for the past week, it's because I've been holed up in our Botley Badgerarium with flu. UCISA sent me home last Thursday (after I'd manfully struggled in for three days with what I thought was an annoying tickly cough [and what my officemates probably thought was the most annoying thing in the universe]) and today's the first day I've been able to go back in -- for the last few days I've been unable to do anything but sleep, take painkillers, and read Chalet School books. "Wot no internets?" I hear you cry -- no, unfortunately, we're still not networked at home yet, though this was probably for the best, otherwise I might have subjected you all to long posts about my fevered imaginings in which my cough was actually an email address and everything else in my brain was a directory on a website which I had to redesign, and if I could only tidy up all the documents in the directory I'd be able to think clearly again. Yes, count yourselves lucky I didn't bore you with that.

So, after a week of this virus, I am fed up of coughing; I am fed up of all my muscles aching from coughing; I am fed up of waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat; I am fed up of baby food (apart from PORRIDGE); and I never want to see another sodding aspirin again. HOWEVER! I am delighted with my new discovery, that is, Beechams "All in one" cough medicine. The image on the packaging clearly invokes the Holy Grail in its iconography -- look at those rays of healing light, that glowing cup of immortality! -- and its regenerative powers seem to live up to the implicit claim. Be aware, though, that far from giving you eternal life, it actually destroys brain cells, being 19% alcohol. SO DARK THE COUGH OF MAN. But no wonder it makes you feel better, eh?

Anyway, enough about illness. If you've posted anything or emailed me in the last week I won't have seen it; and there's a high chance that email will have been swept away in the tides of spam (on which I've just had to do a fairly brutal deletion job). So please comment here and let me know if I've missed anything drastic/important/exciting/interesting!
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