Janet (j4) wrote,

Re: move

I've got lots of things to write up, but they're probably all buried at the bottom of a box at the moment, so they may have to wait till I get to Oxford and unpack the internets.

Despite the fact that we've already booked a removal company I trust, I'm still trying to get the quotations I started trying to get about two weeks ago, because I need three written quotations in order to apply for a relocation allowance. Unfortunately it looks as though I'm just going to have to field the expense myself, as getting quotations out of these people is like getting blood out of the proverbial. One well-known national removals company surveyed the house on Friday, said they'd email the quotation the same day (and didn't), and when I chased them up by phone today said they'd talk to the guy who'd done the survey and get back to me (and didn't), and when I chased them AGAIN told me that they didn't know why the first chap had said he'd email me the same day, because there was no way he would have been able to do so, but they'd talk to him and call me back, honest (but I'm not holding my breath).

ETA: okay, I take (some of) it back -- they have just emailed me a quotation!

Then another local company said that it was impossible to do a quotation unless they surveyed the house but then admitted that I could fill in the questionnaire on their website and they'd do it from that. They claimed this would take a day or two... after it had failed to materialise in a week, I chased them today, and was told that they'd email it to me today; what actually happened was that they phoned back a bit later and said that because I had a piano they couldn't actually do the move at all, so there was no point in them doing the quotation. I asked if they'd be willing to do the quotation anyway because I needed it for claim purposes, and they said "We'll see what we can do, thanks, bye" and hung up very smartly, which I'm interpreting as "you must be joking".

So their incompetence is costing me fifteen hundred quid, and the only way I can retaliate is by giving them minus points on the cam.misc wiki. I feel thoroughly impotent.

We've seen our new house, though! It's big, and a bit scruffy (but in a comfortable-ripped-jeans kind of way rather than a letting-in-water kind of way), and has TWO BALCONIES. How excellent is that?

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