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Just the soundtrack to a life

Meme seen on beingjdc's LiveJournal ages ago.

What was the first record you owned?

First record I remember owning would probably be one of the spoken-word 7-inch records I had, stories like "The Wizard of Oz" and stuff like that. I also had lots of stuff that my parents had taped for me, from Peter, Paul and Mary to Speckled Red.

So let's go for first records I bought:
single: Jive Bunny, "Can Can You Party"
album: Suzanne Vega, "Solitude Standing"

If you had someone of the opposite sex coming over and you wanted to impress them, which CD's would you hide?

The same ones as I'd hide if I had someone of the same sex coming over: none whatsoever. I don't "want to impress them". If they're so hung up about what's "cool" that they won't like me any more because of my Abba LPs or my complete collection of Lloyd Webber musicals, they're unlikely to become a close friend anyway.

Is there a song that reminds you most of your childhood?

Peter, Paul and Mary -- anything from the album "In the Wind". Just because I played it to death when I was younger.

If your life was a movie, what song would play over the following:

Opening credits:

It ought to be "Squonk" by Genesis, for silly in-joke reasons. But I'd rather have Tori Amos: "Little Earthquakes".

Love Scene:

I don't really do squooshy love scenes. But if I did, it'd probably be something from an old musical, something with lots of swooping strings.

If there was a bouncing-around-being-happy-about-new-love scene, maybe if we did the film of my life chick-flick stylee, it'd have to be "This Kiss" by Faith Hill. Absolutely perfect pop song.

Driving scene that consists mostly of flashbacks and love lost:

Kate Bush, "Never Be Mine"
Joni Mitchell, "Amelia"

Or both. Hell, there's going to be a lot of flashbacks and love lost in this film.

Closing credits:

Pink Floyd, "Eclipse".

If applicable, name a song or concert that moved you to tears:

God, so many. I cry too easily. Okay, some songs that always make me cry:

- Tracy Chapman: "Fast Car"
- Stephen Schwartz: "Meadowlark". (Extra self-referential points for the fact that the bit that makes me cry contains the line "Every time I heard that part I cried")
- "Parting", from Tam Lin by Frankie Armstrong, Blowzabella, Brian Pearson, Jon Gillaspie

Name an album [or two, or three...] that is perfect all the way through - No filler, no bad stuff:

Alison Krauss & Union Station: "New Favorite"
Jackson Browne: "The Pretender"
Joni Mitchell: "Blue"

I really wish I could include Suzanne Vega's first two albums here, but the first has "Neighbourhood Girls" (I'm just not keen on it, and it doesn't go with the rest of the album) and the second has the stupid instrumental version of "Tom's Diner". Tempted to include the first anyway, just because every other track on the album is perfect, and the one dud track isn't that dud.

Music you like that could be considered a guilty pleasure:

Musicals. Lots of musicals. Especially "The Sound of Music".

(Can't help feeling that Vaughan Williams is a guilty pleasure these days, too; English composers seem to be terribly unfashionable.)

If your music collection was about to go up in flames, which 5 CD's would you save?

The CD collection's replaceable; I'd save as much of the vinyl as I could lug out of the door.

Is there a song that describes you or a situation so well that you could have written it?

Lots of stuff from "Disintegration" and "Wish" by the Cure. (God, I am a Sad Old Goth, aren't I?)

Oh, and "This Girl is Taking Bets" by Thea Gilmore.

Which underrated artist deserves more attention?

Juliet Turner. Is she underrated? Nobody seems to have heard of her, anyway.

Has a song or artist changed your life in any way? If so, how?

This is pathetic, really, but: Brett Anderson from Suede changed my life (when I was about 14) when he made that wretched statement about being "a bisexual who's never had a homosexual experience", because it made me stop panicking about whether I could be a Real Lesbian if I fancied men as well. And I was a huge fan of Suede for years, so I guess they changed my life by turning me into a gig-going indie-kid. :-)

What is your favourite soundtrack?

Probably the soundtrack to "The Piano" (Michael Nyman). Unless you count musicals, but they're all soundtrack.

What is your all time favourite music video?

Radiohead, "No Surprises", because it's so exactly how I feel a lot of the time.

Current favourite radio hit:

Don't tend to listen to radio much...

Do you sing or play any musical instruments?

Yes. I sing, I play piano, and in the past I've played violin, viola, flute, various types of recorder & penny whistle, and a bit of guitar. However I'm far too lazy about practising, so I'm rusty (at best) on any of them.

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