Janet (j4) wrote,

Hall or nothing

addedentry and I have a new bookcase in the hall. (Actually, that's not quite true: we have a new bookcase in the dining room and a new bookcase on the landing, which means we've been able to move one of the bookcases on the landing down to the hall.) This brings the total number of bookcases in the house to eighteen or thereabouts, depending on whether you count single shelves or not.

Being Quite Interesting types, or at least quite pretentious types with too much information on our hands (like newsprint), we've decided that the new bookcase needs a theme. And being indecisive types who prefer to outsource our thinking to the collective intelligence of LiveJournal, we're asking you lot to suggest a theme for us. Themes can be as silly or as sensible as you like, as oblique or as overt. The only constraint is that you'd better hurry up because I can hear addedentry shuffling books around and if you don't suggest something soon he might fill it with BOOKS ABOUT CATS. (What does he think this is, the internet?)

Poll #835350 Theme a little theme

What theme should our new bookcase have?

Tags: books, greasy poll

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