Janet (j4) wrote,

Caking it

Just received this by email:
My name's Holly and I'm e-mailing from Lion Television. We're making a brand new entertainment show for the BBC and I was wondering if you had a few minutes to talk about your cake decorating.
It appears to be for real, and obviously I'd like "the chance to win big cash prizes", but do I have "what it takes"? I certainly don't have any desire to be publicly humiliated on live TV, which unfortunately is what I suspect it will involve. Still, I suppose there's no harm in talking to them...

A more plausible imminent TV appearance may be as part of the studio audience for "Street Cred Suduku" [sic], as I've just applied for a couple of tickets from SRO Audiences. The fact that they're still using the term "Street Cred" (which I thought was infra dig these days) suggests they don't have any, so it should be right up my street.
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