Janet (j4) wrote,

Lost and found text

Last week I 'upgraded' my Blackberry-alike P900 to a Nokia 6230i, a simpler and smaller phone that still probably does everything I want (and still probably doesn't sync with the Mac) but takes up less space while it's about it. I'm liking the new phone so far; but that's not what I came here to talk about.

While struggling to extract the information I've stored on the old phone over the last couple of years, I came across the following, scrawled while on a train journey:
Grey skies, yellow machinery "SEEARO PLANT", green/brown fields leaning bleakly away from the wind, & a tall factory chimney in the distance, a plume of smoke etched into the sky above it.
And I can still remember the scene, though not where it was; I can still see how flat and far away from each other the colours seemed, cold-shouldering each other into the distance, and how the alien word SEEARO seemed to sear itself into the landscape like a relic of a forgotten civilisation, some wretched intergalactic changeling of a word that could be the name of G*d or could mean nothing at all.

So I thought I'd put it here, on this shore where all kinds of words wash up, to fend for itself along with the other flotsam and jetsam rattling around in this wind-bleached skull.

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