Janet (j4) wrote,

Why don't we get together and call ourselves an institute?

I will be at the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006 from Wednesday to Friday this week. Obviously, if any of you reading this are going to be there, do speak up! Or just sidle up to me in the bar and say "You are j4 and I claim my five pounds."1

I haven't posted much about work here (largely because it's all crazy internecine politics and second-guessing people's hidden agendas at the moment) but hopefully I'll come back enthused enough about the stuff that isn't politics to be able to say something interesting about the thing I spend 8 hours a day doing (by which I don't mean LiveJournal).

In the meantime, on a more frivolous note, I've just spent far too much money on nice clothes that actually fit me so I can at least look cool and professional (rather than scantily-clad and/or sticky) in this weather. If only I could put that on expenses.

1 There is no actual five pound prize, though I might buy you a drink.
Tags: iwmw-2006

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