Janet (j4) wrote,

It's not about me, it's about clue

Email conversations you don't want to have last thing in the day:
ME: Please circulate the work you've done so far to attendees before the end of tomorrow.
THEM: Unfortunately, the webpages are too large to be sent via my email, so I will have to forward them to you all via UMS.
ME: What format are these pages in? Can you gzip them?
THEM: They are screenshots from Paint in Word so each screenshot takes up more that my email allowance.

Email conversations you don't want to have first thing in the morning:
ME: I notice this [Reporter PDF] says "Orders of Examinations 2005" at the top of each page. Shouldn't it be 2006?
THEM: Whoops! it has been printed like that!

Tags: work, you'd think
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