Janet (j4) wrote,

How does he smell?

I am fed up with other people's mucus. Er, not literally fed, because that would be even more grim than the current state of affairs. But still. addedentry has had a cough for the last week or so; it's getting better, so he says, but last night it got better so loudly that he kept us both awake for an hour coughing. Not his fault, of course, and I did sympathise even as I was dragging the duvet over my head and trying to sleep; but now I'm tired and even-scratchier-than-yesterday and was hoping that the office would provide respite from that sort of thing. NOT SO. The bloke on the other side of the office is sniffing. He sniffs approximately once every 30 seconds. Now, he's a very blokey bloke (swaggers around the office, listens to music on his headphones so loud that I can hear it from over here, greets everybody with "awright bub?", and probably sits with his legs so wide apart that they take up three tube seats' worth of room -- you know the type) and when he sniffs it's not some kind of ladylike snf-snf noise. Oh no. It's a rollicking great hrrrrrrrrnnnnnnschhhhhhhhhhgg of a tidal wave of mucus, leaving everybody in the office in no doubt as to the copiousness of the chap's snot and the gusto with which he swallows it.

Is it just me, or are people generally expected to have learned to blow their nose by the time they reach secondary school? I remember sniffing at playgroup, or rather I remember the playgroup leader telling all the other kids to call me "Sniffy Miffy" until I stopped. No, I don't think bullying is a great way of ensuring that people keep tissues in their pocket and know how to use them, and besides, the odd sniff isn't that big a deal; but, really. Is there a tactful (by which I mean non-suicidal) way to tell a seven-foot bouncer of a bloke to blow his goddamned nose already, or at least go and hack up mucus somewhere else?

There's a wider issue, of course, of it apparently being quite unfashionable these days to actually think for a nanosecond about whether your actions are going to annoy lots of other people. But if I start ranting about that in its entirety, I may never stop. And I'll probably just annoy you lot in the process...
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