Janet (j4) wrote,

No knees is good knees

This morning a man in a white van slowed down on the railway bridge to shout something at me as I cycled past in the other direction. I thought I caught the word "knees", but apart from that it was all lost in the noise of the wind and the traffic and my breathing. Normally when people shout out of cars it's to tell me I'm fat or ugly, but are my knees really that bad? No, don't answer, I'm not fishing for crazy internet knee-worship. Really, really. I suppose I was showing them off more than usual, mind, freezing in a skirt and tights as thin as the sunlight. There seems to be some kind of subconscious idea in my head that if the sun sees underdressed women every time it comes out, it'll come out more often; but it's clearly not going to work if they've got ugly knees, is it?

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