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Festivals coming up

Ely Folk Festival
The Oysterband are playing the Ely Folk Festival, on Saturday 12th July. The Ely Folk Festival cunningly sells day-only tickets, and even evening-only tickets for the Saturday evening, so it'd be entirely possible to just go to see the Oysterband, or (my preferred option) go for the whole of the Saturday. Anybody else up for this? Mail me if so...

Cropredy Festival
Cropredy is clearly a Good Thing(tm), but I've never yet managed to get there. It's possible to buy a Saturday-only ticket (£28.00), so I'm thinking of wandering down to Oxford on the Friday night, finding a friendly floor on which to crash, and then somehow getting to Cropredy the next day. Again, mail me if you're interested...

I already have a ticket for Glastonbury, but am keeping an eye on Glastonbury forum and glastonbury in the hope that we'll find a spare one for hoiho. Is it true that they're not going to let anybody in who has a resold ticket? How in $deity's name are they going to know?
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