Janet (j4) wrote,

Days are confused

Hello, readers. Long time no write! If I go quiet for a few days, it doesn't mean I hate you, okay?

On Saturday we played a Gorey card-game with verlaine and the_alchemist, and then failed to make it to the theatre (because pizza was too slow in coming) or the cinema (because A Cock & Bull Story had sold out by the time we got there); once we got back home we decided to atone for our cultural incompetence by watching the DVD of Another Country. I hadn't been expecting to find it so enjoyable; as it was, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of knee-weakening repressed public-school gayness on display that I nearly swallowed my knitting. Not that I'm advocating a culture of denial which forces our youth into either suicide or spying for the Russians, you understand; but they do all have such gorgeous jawlines.

Sunday involved more wholesome delights, with a very satisfying Evensong at Peterhouse (mostly music by Howells). The college is doing a series of sermons focussing on the texts of the anthems sung by the choir, with varying success; this time the guest preacher actually talked about the music as well, and how it reflected the preoccupations of the text. It's refreshing to hear music acknowledged as being allowed to have meaning in that context.

After Evensong I stopped by at the Cambridge Blue for a swift pint with addedentry and the_elyan, before O & I headed home for a lovely mushroom-and-red-wine lasagna and some less-lovely (but long-overdue) admin. I threw away about 10 years' worth of bank statements and bills (identity thieves, I'm afraid the recycling lorry took it away first thing on Monday morning, so you're out of luck) and slimmed my filing system down to a manageable size before collapsing in a heap of misery. Paperwork can do that, if you're not careful.

On Monday I was so tired that I was quite prepared to skip all my commitments and go home and sulk; fortunately a frustrating afternoon at work left me determined to do something, which for me usually translates into doing everything. Singing lesson after work (about which more later), then just time for a white chocolate mocha with Owen at Starbucks before my tap class, after which I legged it to the Portland for a gig which Owen has already written about but which I may say a bit about later.

On Tuesday we built some of the flat-pack stuff we bought from IKEA the weekend before last. Gosh, I never wrote about that either, did I? If I say "more later" about that too you won't believe me. Anyway, we made some NORREBO (interestingly, that's already the plural) which were quite easy and a FIRA which was a complete pain in the neck and involved a lot of hammering. I felt a bit guilty about all the hammering, what with next-door's baby, but I feel less guilty in retrospect now the damned child has started waking me up at 6am again.

Wednesday: choir (the usual), orchestra (gearing up nicely for a concert on March 4th -- download a poster and stick it somewhere!); Thursday: more choir; today: trying to get a website published only one day past its deadline. Interspersed: reading, more knitting, and lots of pretending I have useful advice to offer my friends.

Sorry this update is all so hasty and mixed-up, but ... well, that's my life, innit?
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