Janet (j4) wrote,

We live like this

This weekend I :

  • Tidied the spare room
  • Finished reading "Sugar Rush" by Julie Burchill (a Christmas present from addedentry, who knows how much I love reading about hot teen growing-up action)
  • Gave a huge stack of books to the Amnesty Bookshop (thanks to addedentry for taking them round there)
  • Worked at Oxfam Books for 4 hours
  • Renewed my MMOC membership
  • Exchanged the shirt my mum got me for Christmas (which was a size too big) for one which was just as nice but did fit and cost 7 pounds less (so I now have a lovely purple shirt and a £5 Next voucher)
  • Had a nice half-pint of Fat Cat stout at the Winter Ale Festival
  • Tidied the rest of the house a bit
  • Spent lots of time talking to juggzy and inventing scurrilous internet memes
  • Overheard a physics lesson
  • Finished a jigsaw
  • Played violin duets with kaberett
  • Ate lovely noodle soup at Kym-moy
  • Drank lots of wine
  • Did lots of knitting
  • Drank Black Dog mild in the Cambridge Blue and strange wheat beer in the Kingston Arms
  • Sang in choral evensong at Peterhouse
  • Saw Robyn Hitchcock and the Minus 3 (i.e. three of the Minus 5) play live at the Junction (support band: The Eighteenth Day of May)
  • Bought a signed Robyn Hitchcock LP for a fiver which doesn't actually break my New Year's Resolution because the proceeds went to Médicins sans Frontières so it's actually a charity donation, honest
Tags: diaryism
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