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The day is wide open, the sky is blue

Well, the weather stayed good... yesterday brrm and I had lunch(sossidges!) at the Green Man in Grantchester, and then spent a happy afternoon lazing around first on Grantchester Meadows, and then back at his house. Lovely just being able to lie back in the sun and not have to go anywhere or do anything, just being able to enjoy good company and warmth. :-)

Unfortunately though lack-of-sleep from the night before caught up with me rather hard; started feeling really shattered rather than just pleasantly sunshine-sleepy, & decided that if I was going to collapse then I'd be better off doing so at home. Sorry brrm for being such a sleepy badger.

An hour or so's doze in a cool dark room seemed to help; after that I was just about awake enough to potter around quietly, play piano (for the first time in ages -- really need to practice more!), and phone a roofer to try to get a quote for getting the roof fixed.

Later went out for dinner with lnr, which was lovely despite PizzaExpress not really quite having got the hang of the "Express" bit... still, it meant we had more time to talk, and giggle, and plot Evil Things. (Muahahaha!) Then we went back to mine afterwards for more dessert, & utterly delicious it was too. ;-)

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