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[ring] Phone malfunction:

My phone appears to be unable to receive SMS (though doesn't indicate to me or to the sender that anything has failed), and while it can receive voicemail, it isn't notifying me of missed calls or new voicemails.

So, if you've texted me at any point in the last couple of days and I haven't replied, it's because I haven't seen your text. It may be languishing in some great queue in the sky, or it may have vanished in a puff of obsolete technology. Who knows? If your text was important, you're probably better off re-sending the information by some other means.

[ping] LiveJournal comments amnesty:

A lot of comment-notification emails went AWOL during the last month. I've finally given up on the doomed enterprise of trying to work out what comments I haven't replied to -- if you are still awaiting a reply to a comment, please post a link here.

[ding] Christmas cards:

Christmas cards are nice things to receive; however, I cannot recall ever having been hurt or offended at not receiving a Christmas card from anybody (with the possible exception of the year when the guy I was going out with at the time didn't bother sending me anything). So please don't feel any obligation to send me a card.

In general I don't send Christmas cards to people I see (this includes people I "see" online) regularly or frequently, as I hope to be able to give them good wishes in other more contentful forms. If you are going to be mortally offended by this, it's probably best that you let me know now so that I'll at least know why you hate me. If you're reading this journal, please accept my good wishes for the festive season of your choice. :-)

I reserve the right to decide on the spur of the moment send some Christmas cards despite the above disclaimer. If you get one, please allow "gosh, what a pleasant surprise" to override "SHE LIED TO US!!!"

[thing] General contact info:

Email to janetmck@chiark.greenend.org.uk remains the best way to contact me. If you don't get a reply within a reasonable timeframe, please bear in mind that I will always be far less hurt or offended by a polite reminder than by the guaranteed-to-be-incorrect assumption that I hate you.
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