Janet (j4) wrote,

The eyes have it

I got my contact lenses in!

If you're squicked by stuff about eyes, look away now. Decided to have another go at getting lenses in this morning (well, nearly afternoon) while I was still sleepy-ish, on the grounds that I wouldn't be feeling so twitchy. Still had terrible trouble getting them in (and nearly lost one when I half-blinked it out) but they're in now. Not looking forward to trying to get them out, mind...

Part of the problem is that my eyes just start streaming as soon as I've had one failed attempt, so it gets harder and harder to actually hold my eyelid open because it's all too wet around the eye area, unless I keep drying my eyes, in which case it all gets dry and sore.

And I still find that the lenses stick to my fingers too much, more so when they're wet -- despite what geekette8 says (thanks for the encouragement though!). The problem seems to be getting the lens to break away from the surface tension of the water (well, cleaning solution stuff) on the finger and stick to the eye instead. (Stickysticky. Euwwww.) Will have to try using the blink to get the lens off the finger, although I'm worried that if I do that I'll just flick the lens across the room...

I guess it's one of these things where eventually you get used to it, you develop a technique, & (hopefully) you get to a stage where you can Just Do It. I mean, I couldn't put earrings in without much faff and looking in a mirror when I first had my ears pierced, and now I can happily do them while drunk and/or in the back of a moving car, etc.

I think the worst bit of putting lenses in was getting a bubble under the lens. Managed to get the bubble out though by moving the eye from side to side ... no idea if you're not supposed to do that, but it feels fine now.

I think I might go and pester my optician again, though -- they did say that if I had problems I should just come back. I feel like a bit of a failure having to do that though. <sigh>

Very weird being able to see the computer screen properly without my glasses on (even when I'm typing in the tiny tiny font that Opera uses for LJ text-input). I keep thinking "must go and put my glasses on" only to realise I don't need to. :-)

Update: Got them out, too. I know they hadn't been in very long, but they were starting to feel a bit scratchy. When I had my "how to do contact lenses" session, the optician recommended getting the lenses out without looking in the mirror -- just looking at a fixed point upwards somewhere and then doing the slide-down-and-pinch-out thingy. But I actually found it easier if I could vaguely see what I was doing. Easier to see when the lens is in the right place, and see that my fingers are pinching in the right place.

The bit I seem to find hardest is actually pressing hard enough and high enough up the eyeball to slide the lens down in the first place. And my bloody eyelashes still get in the way.

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