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venta is officially the coolest person in the world for, ooh, at least all the rest of this afternoon. :-) The reason for this accolade: in the course of her excellent (recommended, readers!) Friday afternoon Boogie at your Desk feature, she has just successfully identified a song that I loved every time they played it at PANIC but never managed to find out what it was.

The song is "Time Bomb" by Rancid. If it's at all representative of the band's output, then they're much better than the rather inauspicious name would suggest!

It's not as if I needed more CDs to add to my wishlist, but it would be really churlish to complain about discovering more good music. :-) Talking of which, I should also probably take this opportunity to thank acronym for constantly recommending Pink Flag by Wire, which I finally got round to buying (£5 in Fopp at the moment!). It's great: now a) I know where Elastica got that fantastic riff that kicks off "Connection", the thieving so-and-sos, and b) I can say "they sound a bit like Wire" about all the good-ish new bands instead of having to flounder around somewhere on the Cure / Joy Division axis (AXIS OF GOFF).
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