Janet (j4) wrote,

When shall we three meet again?

Next Thursday, October 6th, addedentry and I would like to go to the ADC Theatre with the possibly ambitious (and possibly silly) aim of seeing three productions in one night:

7:30pm: Macbeth: The Hour
9:00pm: The Threepenny Opera
11:00pm: Under the blue, blue moon (Footlights)

If you'd like to come with us on this non-stop dramathon, comment here or email me. I will be booking tickets this afternoon, so please comment before 3pm if you want me to book for you. (Obviously there's nothing to stop you going and booking your own tickets, but then you won't be sitting next to us. You may regard this as a feature.)

Update: I have ordered 6 tickets for Macbeth and 7 for the Threepenny Opera. There didn't seem to be that much enthusiasm for the Footlights thing, and I'm sort of having second thoughts about it, so I'm thinking of just seeing how I feel about that one on the night (since I'll be there anyway!). If anybody else wants to get their ticket for that now, I'm afraid they'll have to do it themselves through the ADC's magic online booking system (which NB doesn't let you book more than 10 tickets at once, so I had to do that in two batches).
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