Janet (j4) wrote,

Sad emails...

... say so much, about hopes and dreams and education and privilege and the uselessness of what I do for a living. Emails like this are probably the most depressing thing to fall into the webmaster inbox:

Dear : sir
Im so pleased for corresponding you , I hope to having your consideration , I appreciate your effort ... time as to help me . Really will be so kind if I have excelent opportunityat your standard academic . So Iog on the web site and again asked for scholarship , therefore Isubmitted before this an application under term ( MT 2005 .. No xxxxxxxx .... ID No xxxxxxxxx .... under course MA in Applied Linguistic ) . But unfortunately I held back , for too much competition , Could you please considering me .
According to my knoweldge your University is intersted in education , which encourage me to write to you .So I change my course to ( MA in Communication & Negotiation ) .
Excuse me to intrduce my self ; Im from Darfour State ... El Fasher City ; I graduated and I have BA in English Language & Litrature .Thereby , for current position my country side is badly needs of interaction learners ; becuse to foucs on peace and a ccomplished communication . Even through African country ; with consultants ...awerness proposition .Could you please reply my situation ... I need fully
thankyou for your time ...... Miss K------

And all I can do is point her at the relevant clauses in the Graduate Studies Prospectus and, if I really want to drive the point home, end the email with our standard boilerplate "Thank you for your interest in the University of Cambridge." Sorry, but we've just shattered your dreams. Have a nice day.
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