Janet (j4) wrote,

Five go-old things...

As seen ages ago in saraphale's journal.

Five details about you
1. I'm 5'1-and-a-bit" tall.
2. I've got blue eyes (so just half an inch off "Five foot two, eyes of blue")
3. I have flat feet.
4. I have Grade 8 piano.
5. My previous postcodes have been: CB4 8LJ, OX1 1DW, OX3 0HL, OX3 0RL, LE12 5AD, SK7 1JX, RH10 4HX.

Five details about your appearance right now
1. Wearing purple and black stripy knee-socks.
2. Remains of scab on knuckle of thumb from sword (guard pressing into hand)
3. Still have a large bruise on the back of my left calf, which I've no idea how I got.
4. My hair is moderately clean.
5. Lower lip is severely chewed.

Five things you did today
1. Talked to a builder about moving one of our walls.
2. Bought some shiny purple hairties.
3. Sent out birthday party invitations.
4. Discovered what kind of penguin personality I am.
5. Filled in this quiz.

Five things that everyone should know about you

[is that "should know" in the sense of "is expected to know", or "should know" in the sense of "needs to know"? Somewhere inbetween, in my answers, anyway.]

1. I REALLY DO NOT LIKE BEING TICKLED. Really really. Don't even try it. It makes me angry and upset.
2. If I don't like you, I'll say so.
3. People should know my name, so they don't have to call me "oi you" all the time.
4. That bit at the top of the back of my neck, right about... there. That's the one. Major weak spot, especially for people with sharp claws. :)
5. I don't have secrets. (So theoretically people should know everything about me...)

Five favorite groups/singers

[this kind of changes depending on my mood; these are somewhere between my all-time and my current "top five"]

1. Joni Mitchell
2. Suzanne Vega
3. Kate Bush
[oh dear, this is all looking very female-singer-songwritery, isn't it? better fix that...]
4. Oysterband
5. Radiohead

Five favorite songs (at the moment)
1. Alison Krauss & Union Station, "Crazy Faith"
2. Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah"
3. Radiohead, "Everything in the Right Place"
4. Joni Mitchell, "Blue"
5. New Order, "True Faith"

[slightly strange that few of my favourite songs at the moment are by my favourite singers/artists... that's my brain for you, eh?]

Five favourite movies
1. The Matrix
2. The Sound of Music
3. The Silence of the Lambs
4. Withnail & I
5. The Wizard of Oz

Five things that make you happy

[okay, I've had to split this one into five material things, and five more abstract things.]

Material(-ish) things:
1. Badgers!
3. pto452
4. The sound the Apple ][+ makes when it boots up.
5. Shoes. :-)

More abstract things:
1. Feeling that I've achieved something that will benefit other people.
2. Creating things of transient beauty.
3. Spending time just relaxing with friends.
4. Being in the mountains.
5. Sunshine in quiet places, and having time to enjoy it.

Five people who mean a lot to you
1. Too many people! I don't like making "top ten" lists when it comes to people. You know who you are. Partners, friends, family.

Five things that disgust you
1. Abuse
2. Hypocrisy
3. Myself, a lot of the time
4. The constant process of reducing one's life to soundbites, catchphrases, and bloody LiveJournal quizzes. Though I'm still sickly fascinated by it.
5. [...]

Five things that impress you
1. Confidence
2. Integrity
3. Coherence
4. Single-minded dedication to a cause (though I'm kind of ambivalent as to whether it's something I'd want for myself, it impresses me when I see other people doing it)
5. Forgiveness

Five things that don't impress you
1. Inconsiderate behaviour
2. Arrogance
3. Carelessness
4. Addiction ("Oooh, look how much caffeine I consume! Aren't I big and clever!")
5. Misuse of apostrophes.

Five things you can't live without
1. Brain
2. Heart
3. Lungs
4. Liver
5. Stomach

Or, more seriously:
1. Love
2. Hope
3. Dreams
4. Purpose
5. Other people

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