Janet (j4) wrote,

Pool (if you think it's over)

Cambridge people! There's still a bit of summer left. addedentry and I will be making the most of the weather to go for a swim (or at least an enthusiastic-looking paddle) in Jesus Green pool this evening at about 6:45 (which is the earliest we can get there unfortunately). The pool closes at 7:30, last admission is 7:15 -- come and join us for a quick splash. Really, only a quick one. Not a big exercisey marathon thing. :-)

We'll be adjourning to the Fort St George afterwards for a different type of liquid entertainment, and hopefully food as well. Feel free to join us there as well as or instead of the swimming.

If it rains, we'll probably give up on the swimming and go straight to the pub.

If you're confused but still want to meet up with us, text me for current location, & I'll reply if I'm not underwater.

Sorry this is so last-minute!
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