Janet (j4) wrote,

Blatant plug: Wicken Proms, TOMORROW

The Cambridge Concert Orchestra will be giving a concert tomorrow, at 7pm, in Wicken. It's an outdoor concert, so you can take advantage of the glorious heatwave we're having (stop smirking at the back there!) and bring a picnic (marquees are available for shelter or shade) and listen to some bouncy music. You could even bring the whole picnic-hamper-and-candelabra assemblage and pretend you're at Glyndebourne. And all this for the frankly bargain price of £3.50!

The programme includes music from films and shows ("My Fair Lady", "The Empire Strikes Back", "Where Eagles Dare") and a lot of random fun stuff. We're also doing some of the traditional Last Night of the Proms stuff, so you'll get an opportunity to bob up and down and honk your hooter (oo-er) if that's what floats your boat.

So here's those details again:
Wicken Proms
7pm, Saturday 2nd July
The Camping Field, Stretham Road, Wicken

All proceeds are going to the Wicken Church vestry project. (Apparently they're building new toilets, but I guess "Wicken Church loo project" doesn't sound as good.)

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